Future Hackney Projects 2018 – 2020

Below are images and stories of urban history and social change . The projects are all unique and explore a range of themes using different technologies. Our work is currently based in East London with feature locations in other cities and boroughs. Visuals and narratives produced by the collective, youth and community.

Ridley Road Stories

Street photography produced by visual artists and youth crews as part of the ‘Future Hackney Collective’. The shots and narratives aim to capture social change across East London, whilst documenting people’s lives (full stories can be viewed on @futurehackney).  The project is continuous, producing images covering a range of subjects such as the innercity, urban history and politics, cultural heritage, women, housing, food and global issues. All of the participants, actors and models in these shots are from the Ridley Road Community in Dalston.

Contested Space

Working with ‘E5 Process’ Future Hackney set up a photographic studio and dark room in the derelict Harmer Market, on Ridley Road. With local youth as crew, we photographed the locals and documented their lives. Using 1940’s plate cameras and our own guerrilla styled printing space, we produced these close-up portraits. We worked with young people to document the local community and explored the concepts of social change, gentrification and cultural displacement.  The images are reminiscent of the past, the decaying space, post-colonial history, ethnicity and culture and a community in transition.

Polaroid Series

Future Hackney used ‘retro polaroid cameras’ to produce instant photos of Ridley Road. With a youth crew, we documented the locals, capturing their everyday lives, histories and stories. The instant processing and ‘old school’ style of the images reflects a time past.... Ridley Roads culturally rich and ethnic history. The road is both past and present as it becomes ‘a changing space’. The ‘filmic’ look of the polaroids, evokes feelings of nostalgia for a time when the road was a vibrant space and ‘home’ to many different cultures. 

New York Stories / Voices from LES 

As part of our commitment to sharing stories and histories, we run ‘feature locations’ in London and other cities. We took a detour to the Lower East Side (LES) and photographed the locals and listened to their lives and personal insights. We found similarities in the experiences of living in a city with rich cultural backgrounds and rapid gentrification. Many of the residents we interviewed and photographed in New York spoke about the issues people have identified in East London....rising rents, loss of ‘old’ neighbourhoods and ethnic and working-class communities and the importance of documenting ‘the innercities’ rich cultural past. 

Street Studios 

Future Hackney produces ‘Street Studios’ across East London with youth and communities. We set up professional photographic studios on Ridley Road photographing locals, residents and traders, whilst documenting their personal insights. Young people were trained in photography and assisted as crew to create these portraits and stories. (see @futurehackney for stories)   

Iphone Captures / 60 Seconds

Future Hackney used iphones to document street life and create these micro films for our social media content. Produced with young people from across the borough we facilitated them in iphoneography to film and edit Ridley Road stories. @futurehackney.