Future Hackney Workshops

Future Hackney produces inspirational/educational workshops with young people from East London, facilitating them in moving image, street / studio photography & social engagement with and about their own communities.


We work in collaboration with local people, residents and a wide range of groups across the borough: Hackney Empire Futures, Young Hackney, Concorde Centre, Mouth That Roars, Mediorite, Immediate Theatre, Hoxton Hall, Hackney Quest and our own outreach youth programme. 

We teach young people hands on skills documenting street culture as part of a professional body of work. They then use their work as part of their own online portfolios, giving them formal employment status and ‘real work’.   After our courses we hold exhibitions and forward young people onto employment, further education and voluntary work. We work with artforms and technology past and present, with a focus on interviewing, literacy, urban history, culture and local heritage.

Young people have contributed and produced imagery for all of our work including our latest project Ridley Road Stories. They have been part of the photographic street crew, set up ‘street studios’ using a diverse range of technical equipment to take portraits of traders and the local community, talked and listened to people and assisted in social media content, press and event production.