Future Hackney

Future Hackney is a long-term project dedicated to rendering communities visible, documenting social change and political issues across East London and preserving those images and narratives as heritage. A collective of visual storytellers, working alongside youth and residents with a primary focus on urban history, past and present. (To view our stories visit our Instagram page @futurehackney) 

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Our current project is based on Ridley Road, where we are photographing the community whilst exploring relevant concepts and themes. Part of our remit is working with Hackney youth and residents who gain creative and technical skills and have a direct role in the work developed. Please refer to our ‘workshops’ page for more information on our training sessions.

Ridley Road is a gritty one mile-stretch of low buildings with a well-known market and small independent shops, selling a wide range of goods that cater for the local migrant and working-class community. It houses a vibrant mix of life and is a social and public space for many cultures. The Road encapsulates East London’s rich diversity, activism and post-colonial history, now a rapidly changing demographic as creeping real estate and gentrifiers move in. Through street photography, moving image, interviews, storytelling, observation and make shift photo studios and dark rooms, set up on the road, we have a wide range of multi-media, about the diasporic and marginalised communities that inhabit the space. As the themes and content have developed, we have produced documentary stories of a road in transition. 

Future Hackney is produced by Innercity Films; an organisation working with London communities and youth since 2002 and currently funded by the National Lottery.

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